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Former Youth Involvement (FYI)


Former Youth Involvement (FYI) was created in the fall of 2004 by CAB Missisquoi North Youth Director, Mable Hastings, in order to accommodate the ongoing needs of young adults who were too old to be in SADD but who wanted to continue volunteering for the Youth Centre. As its name implies the group is formed of young adults 18 years old and up who have been involved in one or more of the CAB’s Youth Programs in the past. In the past there was no form of recognition for volunteers of the Youth Centre above the SADD level. Seeing how each of our lives have taken us in different directions FYI encourages each one of us to take on tasks based on what our schedule permits.

FYI’s primary mission is to support the Youth Director and the CAB MN Youth Programs. FYI’s second, but no less important, mission is to provide support to the Mansonville SADD Chapter. Each year, an FYI is paired with a SADD member. This not only provides the younger youth with helpful hints when it comes to organizing their activities and events, but provides them with a sounding board when life is getting too overwhelming. This partnership has always been reciprocal as the FYI has learned so much from their SADD partners.

Last but not least, the FYI maintains a symbiotic relationship with the mother organisation, the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre.

FYI meets once a month on a Saturday morning from 10 am to noon.

Written by: Julia and Carol (FYI committee members)