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Volunteer Week: April 18-24, 2010

Volunteer action begins with the individual. One who gives freely of themself to give to others. Selfless acts born of a deep-rooted desire to help those less fortunate and to transform the seeds of individual growth into community well being; these are the true roots of volunteerism. Volunteers understand that the benefits of individual action are exponentia l— one nurtured seed has the potential to grow and thrive among a flourishing forest — and that each person has an important role to play in defining the future of communities.

Volunteer for Life
Because volunteer action is lasting. And contagious. Once it takes root, there’s no limit to its power to nurture, to heal, and to prosper. After all, the true roots of volunteerism aren’t cultivated – they’re spread.

Simply and effectively, the visual representation conjures up notions of strength, cooperation, growth, and development. At the centre, of course, is the individual (who forms the trunk and primary branches) with outstretched arms that support heart-shaped leaves: arms that reach for their full potential; arms that extend their love and care; arms that provide a helping hand. Here, the volunteer is seen as supporting the full potential of volunteering — from the ground up — so that everyone can benefit from the shade, fresh air, and shelter that trees and, ultimately, volunteer action, provide. The heart-shaped leaves represent the notion that there is no limit to how far volunteer action can travel since individual gestures are forever carried from one place to the next. Above all, the visual serves as a strong poetic device to convey the singular beauty of volunteering.

Hope green: to create a dynamic, vibrant and intense feel to the spirit of volunteering. Capture the healthy quality associated with green apples, green leaves, and eco-friendly green.

A tree reacts to its environment; its branches bend and sway in the wind. And in order to survive, a tree remains compliant and adapts to the elements around it. The same holds true for our font, DTL NOBEL ITC CONDENSED, which is current, round, and friendly, with just the right amount of playfulness. Although BOLD, it boasts adequate spacing with strong, unrestrained letters that bend and sway gracefully with our focal tree.

Happy Volunteer Week!