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Development of Voluntary and Community Action

The development of voluntary and community action is a process by which the members of a community progressively take responsibility for its growth and future. In a planned and concerted fashion, they undertake various endeavours to help achieve their objectives.

The development of voluntary and community action is aimed at:

  • Promoting volunteer work
  • Identifying and analyzing social and community needs
  • Consulting, supporting and cooperating with voluntary and community organizations in the area and parties involved in the various social sectors (socio-economic, RCMs, municipalities, etc.)
  • Representing our members’ interests at decision-making proceedings on its territory

Primary role:

  • Recruitment, coordination, consultation, and supervision for the volunteers and volunteer functions of the CAB.
  • Strengthen the volunteer coordination and support within the organization and community.
  • Involve a community of supporters in the joys and benefits of volunteering.


Meet the CABMN Volunteer Coordination Team


Debra Harding & Krysten Vanier


Volunteer Experience Testimonials 


Michel Chevrier – Volunteer Driver

“Hello, I have been transporting people with my vehicle for several months now for the benefit of my community.
Being retired, my involvement in the Volunteer Centre has allowed me to reconnect with people, to value my time in sharing and caring. I can say that in times of pandemic it has allowed me to get through the isolation. In short, in the action of volunteering, everyone wins.”