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The Board of Directors would like to invite you to become a member. We have redefined our membership in order to develop a sense of belonging between our organization, our volunteers and our members. Here are the criteria to become a member:

Admission requirements

Membership is open to any individual or organization that :

  • Supports the mission of the Corporation ;
  • Subscribes to the corporation’s bylaws, policies, procedures, aims and objectives ;
  • Is granted membership status by the board of directors;
  • Pays applicable membership dues (membership is currently free).



Categories of members

(a) Individual : Any person prepared to further the Corporation’s aims and objectives by word or deed is eligible for individual membership.

(b) Corporate : Organizations – public, para-public or not-for-profit, including bona-fide groups recognized by the board. Corporate members appoint one voting representative.

(c) Honorary : Each year, the Board may nominate honourary members who have helped the Corporation achieve its objectives through work, deed or financial donations.  Honorary members participate in the Corporation’s activities, are invited to annual and special general meetings, but may not vote or become directors.

(d) Youth : Any youth (ages 12-17) is eligible for youth membership. Youths who have reached the age of 16 are entitled to vote at annual and special general meetings. Those younger than 16 are recognized as non-voting members.

(e) Employees: Employees of the Corporation are members but are not entitled to vote.

Why might you choose to become a member?

  • To officially acknowledge your support to further our aims and objectives by deed or word;
  • To have the opportunity to exercise your right to speak and vote on all matters brought before members at all general meetings including activity reports, finances;
  • To contribute to the orientation of the organization and elect directors.

Why do we want you as a member?

  • To recognize the valuable role you play within our organization and in the services we provide to the community;
  • To have your input in the organization’s decision-making process.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.