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 Youth Centre Photo Albums


Winterfest 2020




Pool Tournament Nov 2019


QPP- Police information night  November 16, 2019


Bowling 2019


Lego Movie 2019


Winterfest 2019 


Boys and Girls group 


Drop-in sliding 2019


Girls Group sliding 2019


Sports Night



Easter Egg Hunt 2018



Leadership Graduation



Mable’s game for SADD


Leadership Group



Murder Mystery 2018



Winterfest 2018



Sports Night



QPP-Police Information Night






Christmas Party with the CAB dance group



Pyjama party



Exercise through boxing techniques with the youth



Bowling Outing Nov.2017



Leadership Group



Haunted House 2017



Exercise through kick boxing



Welcome Back!



Outdoor Movie Night at the Youth Centre



End of year party for dance group





Talent Show 2017





Easter Egg Hunt 2017



Youth Centre Young Leadership Group 2016-2017




Boys Group 2016-2017




Girls Group 2016- 2017




Photo night at the Youth Centre




Pizza Day!



Winterfest 2017



Campfire cookout – January 2017



Boys and Girls Group 2016


Christmas Party for the Youth Groups 2016




Christmas Drop-In Supper 2016




Pool Tournament Dec. 2016




Bowling Nov.2016




Bingo Nov.2016




Rock-a-thon Fundraiser 2016




Haunted House 2016



Halloween Party 2016





Drop-In end of year BBQ 2016



End of year party for Boys & Girls Group



Bowling Night April 2016



Winterfest 2016

Photos: Mable Hasting



Pool Tournament

Photos: Mable Hasting



Movie Night

Photos: Mable Hastings


SADD Fun Night

Photos: Mable Hastings



Saturday Dance Group 2016

Photos: Mable Hastings


Christmas Party For The Youth Groups 2015

Photos: Mable Hastings





Christmas Drop-In Supper 2015

Photos: Mable Hastings






Bingo Dec. 2015

Photos: Mable Hastings



Bowling Nov. 2015

Photos: Mable Hastings



Haunted House – October 31, 2015

Photos: Mable Hastings


Potton’s Multicultural Festival 2015

Photos : Mable Hastings



Talent Show 2015

Photos : Mable Hastings



Drop-In: Activities 2015

Photos : Mable Hastings


Winterfest  – February 7, 2015

Photos: Mable Hastings



Haunted House – October 31, 2014

Photos: Mable Hastings


Girls Group dances with Abby Jersey (volunteer) – April 12, 2014

Photos: Mable Hastings


Winterfest – February 8, 2014

Photos: Mable Hastings


Justin Hines Vehicle of Change Tour, Mansonville – June 24, 2013

Photos: Mable Hastings or Kimberly Nichols


SADD Sumo Wrestling – April 23, 2010

Photos: Mable Hastings


General Youth Centre Photos