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Pandemic Information

What is the CAB doing to protect you?
A pandemic constitutes a world-wide event necessitating important preventive measures. As a community organization and employer we have certain responsibilities and obligations towards our employees, volunteers and beneficiaries.
As such in case of an emergency  a service continuity plan has been developed:

  • To ensure the management of programs and services;
  • To coordinate all aspects of the emergency in the name of the board of directors, to make necessary decisions and account to the BOD;
  • To take all necessary measures to lessen the impact of the emergency;
  • Ensure that coherent messages are given in due time to all personnel, volunteers, recipients and if necessary the media;
  • Ensure that personnel know their responsibilities and how to react in the event of an emergency;
  • To ensure the management of human resources with regards to work presence and absenteeism;
  • To authorize the necessary expenditures to face the emergency;
  • To act as a liaison officer, in particular, within the health, social services and community network.

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