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Message from the President

14 January 2010

Dear Members of the Community,

I am very excited to announce that the new CAB website is now live! Visit us at to see what we’ve been working on. The site was launched in December, and after a brief break for the holidays, we are continuing to add new content weekly.

The website is a project that was approved by the Board of Directors in an attempt to assist the CAB in achieving its goals in the following ways;

1. Improve communication: The new site will facilitate the sharing of information from within and with the general public. You will find:

  • News and events
  • general information about the organization
  • a public forum which will allow members of the community to discuss relevant topics, ask questions, share ideas or post concerns

Previous newsletters are already available for download at, and we will eventually be linked to Twitter, Facebook and other social media groups. Employees will be blogging regularly, so visit the “Communication Zone” often to see what’s going on in our little corner of the world.

2. Increase transparency: We will have all public information posted on the website such as Annual General Meeting (AGM) reports, by-laws, committee mandates and member lists, organization charts and information regarding the Board of Directors.

3. Provide information: Our goal is to ensure that the community has access to a reliable source for accurate information. You will be able to read about the types of services that the CAB offers to the community and how we make a difference in people’s lives. This currently includes:

  • regularly updated announcements
  • a calendar of events
  • contact information
  • hours of operation
  • photos and videos

In the near future we will be adding:

  • frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • a description of the territory served by the CAB
  • information on what membership entails
  • detailed program descriptions

4. Donations: In an effort to increase funding, the CAB will make available our goals and wish lists so that you will have an insight to where your donation dollars are being used. We seek to promote:

  • fundraising events
  • solicit one-time and monthly donations online
  • demonstrate our annual fundraising progress with a “virtual thermometer”

At the same time, we are seeking businesses who would be interested in placing an advertisement on our site for a nominal fee, which will help defer the cost of website maintenance (interested parties should contact Alison Hannan at 450-292-3114 for more information).

5. Strengthen branding and awareness: It is our hope that the website will help raise awareness of the CAB and its vital services in our community. We want everyone to know who we are, what we do and why this organization merits your support.

6. Employees: In the future job applications will be received and processed online; this will facilitate the filtering of quality applicants. We will use the Internet to attract applicants with the skills to advance the CAB programs for the years to come.

7. Volunteers: We will be using the website to provide information about how community members can volunteer, the various ways in which we need your help and the commitment level required for specific projects or tasks. We value your time and want to make it as easy as possible for you to share it with us.


We have big plans for this website and we hope you will check in frequently. If you know someone who would like to be added to our mailing list please forward this so they can visit and enter their email address at the bottom of any page. We would love your feedback! Please feel free to send your comments or suggestions to

We hope you find our new website fun, informative, and user-friendly.
Best Regards,

Brian Nichols
Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre