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Planting Stone Seeds in Potton

On hand for the occasion were Jacques Marcoux, Mayor of Potton and Dr. Gérard Leduc, founder of the Potton Heritage Association and responsible for engendering the notion of Celtic petroglyphs in Potton.Members of the Ken Jones Centre’s Respite group were all grins and giggles as they planted a ceremonial row of Menhir seeds at the northeast corner of the Youth Centre’s Parc Marcoux.  The event was as bizarre as it was entertaining. Menhirs are also known as standing stones and until recently, no one had ever heard of stone seeds.  Let alone, imagined they’d be willing to plant them!

“The standing stones that will grow here will witness the dedication and determination of Potton residents to ensure that the municipal motto (this corner of the earth smiles for me more than any other) continues to apply through the years,” said Jacques Marcoux.

September 2011, under contract with the Municipality of Potton, Trudel prepared a tourism development plan for the area.  He also came up with the stone seed concept as a facetious way to promote Potton, while giving a local non-profit group a novel way to raise funds.  The fact that the KJC serves folks with disabilities was opportune; Trudel is a consultant with Kéroul, a non-profit organization devoted to making tourism and culture accessible to persons with limited physical ability.  As well, he is the former promotion director for Tourism Quebec. Launch day is planned to coincide with the opening of the Red Barn, presently under renovation for mid-summer.  Organizers are hoping “the launch is only a stone’s throw away.”  The proceeds from the sale of seed packets will go towards the employment and integration of KJC participants.

“If all goes according to plans, the project will employ KJC participants in their own business,” said Murielle Parkes, KJC Chairperson.

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“We’re expecting to not only sell stone seeds,” said Parkes, “but a few laughs as well.”