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The goal of this program, is to inform seniors and enable them to age well, in good health, within their community. The program, whose scope is wide since it is both preventive and curative, encourages the adoption or maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, for both autonomous people and those with loss of autonomy.

Information and communication can facilitate the daily lives of seniors, hence the importance of helping them to understand services available to them, and how to use them.

Services/Activities/info for seniors and caregivers

A team available to help you according to your needs.

Services :

Home support services:

  • Coopérative de solidarité de services à domicile Memphrémagog (CSSDM)   

       WEB site :  in french only

  • Respite Resource Bank :

A short list of people who are invaluable to families and caregivers because they offer respite and personalized support at home.

This program provides the opportunity for seniors to receive a daily call to increase their sense of security and stay at home as long as possible.

In order to support seniors and their caregivers so that they can stay at home as long as possible, we present you with a list of places where you can get meals at an accessible cost.

Canada’s Most Proven and Widespread Fall Detection System

  • Caregiver Resource Guide:

Link :

A guide to resources aimed at supporting people who help a loved one with a loss of autonomy, in order to lighten their workload and improve their quality of life.

  • Agenda of Resources for Seniors



Information on the signs of abuse and the steps that can be taken to stop it. Abuse is unacceptable.



Healthy Lifestyles and Falls Prevention:   

  • Viactive/Walking club :

Created by Kino-Québec, it is offered free of charge and keeps you in shape, because no matter what your dream is, you have to be healthy to make it come true. And to stay in shape, there’s nothing better than physical activity. Groups exist in Mansonville, Eastman and Stukely-Sud.

  • Stand Up Program :

 If you’ve ever had a fall or you’re worried about your balance. Offered free of charge by a rehabilitation technician, it is offered once a year and for a period of 12 weeks. Limited number of places and registration required.

  • Jog your mind :

The 10-week Jog your mind training course aims to maintain the intellectual vitality of people 55 and over by offering captivating activities to stimulate attention and memory.


We offer also:

   Workshops, training and conferences on topics that meet the needs of seniors.

You have needs or questions, do not hesitate to communicate with us, we are here for you.