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2021-2022 Board of Directors

Brenda Clark


Cathy Riendeau

Vice President

Madelaine Langlois


Danielle Cousineau


Jocelyne Veilleux


Ron Jones


James Eby


Robert Gagnon


David Stirling





Board of Directors:

  1. The Corporation is governed by a Board which is composed of nine members in good standing duly elected for three years at an Annual General Meeting.
  2. Each elected director serves a term of three years.  A director can serve no more than two consecutive terms.  (See Article VII regarding officers.)
  3. The Board may appoint a director to fill in an interim vacancy but this appointment has effect only until the next Annual General Meeting.
  4. The powers and duties of the Board include:
    1. Governing and providing oversight including the determination of policy, programs, and proposing of an annual operating budget and the setting of limits;
    2. The striking and dissolving of committees and boards of trustees to deal with such matters as public education, volunteers, prudent management, and fund-raising for the Corporation;
    3. The drafting of whatever rules, regulations and operating procedures the Board determines necessary for the conduct of its affairs;
    4. The hiring of an executive director and a youth director and any other staff that the Board may, from time to time, determine necessary.
    5. The power to pass, amend or repeal bylaws until such time that they are ratified or repealed at a Special or Annual General Meeting.
  5. Any director who is absent from three consecutive Board meetings without just cause is considered to have resigned from the Board, unless the Board by a majority vote approves the absence.  One of the officers should be notified before a meeting if a director expects to be absent.
  6. Procedure for the removal of a director is as follows:
    1. a motion may be proposed at any Board meeting to be voted on at the next meeting;
    2. the director in question receives notice of the motion and is allowed to speak on his or her behalf before the motion is voted on:
    3. the motion requires a 2/3 majority of those directors present to be carried;
    4. if the motion carries, the director who has been removed has the right to appeal at the next general meeting of members, but does not hold office or act as a director in the interim.
  7. Compensation / Remuneration
    1. Directors will not be paid for their services.
    2. The Board, however, may resolve to reimburse a director for expenses incurred in the exercise of his/her functions.
  8. Conflict of Interest
    1. In situations of conflict of interest – personal contract, family relationships, etc. – directors must declare their interest to the Board and refrain from any deliberation and/or vote pertaining to the subject.
  9. Directors Liability Insurance
    1. The Corporation will purchase and maintain appropriate liability insurance for directors.